Baby Bath Tips to Avoid Accidents and Injury to Your Child

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After the arrival of the newborn baby, the first few months are very crucial for new parents as they have to learn various things that are really challenging. Not only they have to make sure that the baby is happy, but also that the baby is safe and free from any risky situations. Bathing time can be great fun for both the parents and the child, but this fun can also turn to serious accidents if you are not careful with the baby.Things to consider while giving a bath to the newborn:1. Use a bath tub or sink: There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to following baby bath tips. Babies can be given a bath in a bath tub, or a sink. If you choose a sink, then make sure to use a towel or a rubber mat so that the infant doesn't slip. An adult tub or unlined sink can be very slippery ...