Keep Your Baby’s Room Clean And Hygienic

Keeping a baby clean and hygienic at all times is a constant battle for parents. However, it can’t be completely ignored. A good amount of cleanliness is essential to prevent diseases and safeguard the baby’s health. Below are some of the tips to keep the room baby room clean.

Keep the things organized

Have a place for everything. Even if you are yet to deliver the baby, make a plan about keeping different items in the baby room. This will avoid clutter and misplaced items. If required inform the members of the family about your plan and ask them to help you to manage it.

Prioritize items

Safety comes first, then comes the sanity and well being. Having things such as toilet paper, diapers, baby clothes and others is important to fool baby’s overall well being.

Do not tire yourself by doing baby maintenance tasks at once

Most parents keep the laundry for the holiday, Saturday or Sunday. This can put a lot of pressure on you. So do the laundry and other tasks every day. This will help you to keep the baby place clean and be stress free as a mom or dad.


For completing easy things multitask like wiping a counter top while talking over the phone. Or folding the clothes while watching TV. During the commercial break you can vacuum the room or chop vegetables. While you are washing dishes or cooking, place the baby over a soft cushion or at a safe corner where you can keep seeing it all the time.

Use a baby carrier to carry baby along

Your baby always wants you to be very near to you. By wearing a baby, you give it a sense of togetherness and it will safe with your company. You can have your baby on your back while you are washing dishes, folding laundry and doing other things.

Spend time with the baby while doing regular chores

Cover the baby with clean and warm clothes. Sing lullabies while you fold towels and dance while dusting. You can let the baby watch microwave or let it dance while you turn on the blender.

Vacuum the baby’s bed before its naptime

This solves two problems, one it makes cleaning easy for you every time and other is that it keeps the baby free from dust allergy and cough.

Don’t be stressed out because of clutter

Your friends and relatives might be frequently visiting your house to see the baby. They don’t know the rules in the baby room and its awkward to mind and disciple them. Relax when you see a bit of clutter and don’t be ashamed of it when guests visit the house.