Baby Showers: Party Favors

There are many directions to go in when it comes to choosing the perfect baby shower favor. Budget is something to consider as well.

First, the hostess should decide on a theme. If the new parents know the gender of the baby, the hostess can go in this direction, however, many people are trending toward gender neutral colors even if they know the gender of the baby. Favors can even be personalized if a name has been chosen. There are so many directions to go in that people are shying away from the traditional pink if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy theme.

Much like wedding or bridal shower favors, many people like to choose a favor that guests can take home and continue enjoying in the future. An example of this would be beautiful scented sachets. The sachets come in a variety of colors and scents. Scents can range from the exotic coconut bay rum to the traditional vanilla lavender and everything in between.

Another great idea for a functional baby shower favor are cute notepads tied with a pretty ribbon! You can be sure your guests won’t forget the helpful favor you chose to say thank you! Tiny personalized lip balm tins are another great idea that will be appreciated by your shower guests. The top of the tin can be personalized with a variety of about 20 different themes.

Ideas that are also gaining in popularity are cute kitchen items the guests can use over and over. These are very reasonably priced when purchased in quantity. A really fun idea are heart shaped ice cream scoops! These heart-shaped ice cream scoop favors mix sweetness with functionality for a “thank you” gift that will bring years of smiles-and ice cream sundaes-to your guests!

Another favorite is a stainless-steel egg whisk in showcase gift box. One baby shower favor whisk available has an adorable chick inside an egg, which is the handle of the whisk.

A fun idea for a functional shower favor are personalized miniature manicure sets. Some are even made to look like chic purses, with the manicure set inside. Tags can be personalized with a special message for guests to thank them for attending!

I’ve also seen adorable salt and pepper shakers as favors! Again, these can be personalized with special tags. These are fun and have unique charm and practicality that promises to tickle your guests and make them smile.

A very unique idea are flower box favors. The idea is that there is an actual flower bulb packaged in a beautiful box. The box contains a poetic reference to the flower chosen. The bulb can then be planted as a remembrance to the happy event and enjoyed for years to come. Personalized tags are also available for the flower box favors.

As anyone can see, when you know your budget and theme, there are many fabulous ideas out there to plan the perfect baby shower and leave your guests excited to take home something fun to remember the event.