Practical Gifts for a Baby

When you’re attending a baby shower, you’d always think of what items would make useful but lovely presents. Among the things you’d find in stores as practical gifts for baby are baskets of different items he or she would need for bed, bath, play, or any other newborn activity. Gift sets or baskets are not just practical for the recipient, but also for the giver. You can even choose to make your own or you can just choose from the readily available baby gift packs in stores.

The most useful gift set you can give is not a real wicker basket, but a diaper bag. Fill the bag with all the essentials for a quick travel. You can put in a small pack of newborn-size disposable diapers or cloth diapers – whichever the mother prefers. If you’re giving cloth diapers, be sure you include diaper pins or clips in the bag. A hooded baby blanket would also be nice. You can include a couple of baby bottles or travel-size bottles of baby wash and lotion. A unique touch would be to pack in a disposable camera, so the parents can easily take photos of baby’s first day out.

Books these days aren’t just for older babies. There are many books now that are produced especially for the babies who are in their first few months. Look for soft-cloth books that would be nice for baby to hold in his or her first months. These usually have bedtime themes. There are even bedtime books that come with a small, soft blanket that the mother can use to tell the story. You’ll also find waterproof foam books that your baby can bring in the tub. To emphasize the use of such books, they usually feature stories about bath time activities. Books made of thick boards are also great gifts for babies in their first months.

If you’d like to give toys, you can use a toy wagon, instead of a basket or a box. You can put in rattles, squeaky toys, and soft animals and shapes that can be attached to the stroller or car seat. Remember that babies grow fast and outgrow toys faster than you can imagine. You can include toys appropriate for babies from 6 to 12 months. So you can also include shape sorters, balls, and other toys that stimulate the senses, particularly sight and hearing.

You’ll get a lot more ideas for baskets of gifts for baby showers. It would be best if you know what the parents haven’t bought yet for their baby. The suggestions here will give you a good start, though, in thinking more creative presents for this type of event.