The Fun and Exciting Activities of Giving Baby Gifts

Giving baby shower gifts has become an important part of a mother’s pending childbirth. In the past women were the only ones who were invited to a baby shower of a couple’s firstborn. The reason behind is that baby shower events allow women to share with one another tips and advice in finally becoming a mother.

Getting Past Traditions

The tradition also dictates that a friend of the mother had to arrange a baby shower since it would be rude for the members of the family to solicit baby gifts on behalf of the future mom. But today, many of these rules are not applicable anymore, especially that men are also invited to the shower. Also, the event is not only celebrated for the first child, but for the other children of the family as well. Baby showers are usually hosted a month or two before the baby is actually born. This gives time for the parents to buy the things that they will be needing when the baby comes.

Celebrated Around the World

Different countries celebrate the birth of a baby in several unique ways. Like in Hindu tradition, women are filled with flower ornaments and the celebration is done through several rituals like anointing of the mother’s body with oil. While in Chinese tradition, baby showers are not celebrated until a month after the baby is born. The high mortality rate in babies is the reason why the people celebrate considering the fact that the child was able to live past its first month. These various traditions show us that no matter where you are in the world, the birth of a baby is always greeted with fun and excitement which also includes the giving of baby gifts.

Baby Shower Activities

Today, the usual activities involved in hosting a baby shower are food preparation, games and opening of baby gifts. And during the event, the most exciting part is the opening of gifts for the future mother and child.

There are lots of options when it comes to buying baby shower gifts. One can choose to buy gifts for the parents or baby items for the infant right after he or she comes out into the world. Great baby gifts are usually the ones that are handy for the parents and their child as well. Such gifts are feeding apparatuses, bath products, cribs or bassinet items, stuff for the baby room, toys, learning tools, gift coupons and of course diapers!