What Kind of Baby Shower Should I Throw?

So you have just been named the host of a baby shower in honor of one of your closest girlfriends. You already have an idea of where it will be held, what your budget is, and how many people will be attending. Then one of two things happens: You are either completely strapped for ideas on the best theme for the shower, or you are so overwhelmed by the huge selection of baby shower themes out there that you find it impossible to decide.

It’s funny how showers have come a long way from their quaint, pastel-colored origins. Today’s baby showers can now be just as classy, as hip or as whimsical as other kinds of parties. They are no longer the same old stuffy events attended by the expectant mother’s select group of female loved ones. Now they can take on all shapes and sizes, from co-ed showers that let the daddy-to-be join in to long-distance showers for mothers working miles away from home.

The resourceful party host is able to come up with fresh and fun baby shower themes out of virtually anything under the sun. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect theme, you can take inspiration from all kinds of places. You may find a great theme idea lurking just a round the corner, from your art & design magazines to whatever wildly popular trend is sweeping the nation’s kids today. Remember that the event is a celebration of the mommy-to-be and her baby. Creating a party atmosphere that lives up to this goal should be your number one priority. Your chosen theme for the baby shower need not be overly elaborate.

If you are having misgivings about your theme being too flashy, it’s not necessary for you to scrap it completely and put all your preparations to waste. Instead, you can streamline your theme by paring it down to a few striking but recognizable design elements. When applied skillfully, these elements can add a distinct flair to your party d├ęcor without being too overpowering. If your initial idea was an ambitious fairy tales theme, for example, you can simplify it by focusing on a specific story like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

One fool-proof source of baby shower ideas you can turn to is your guest of honor herself. Like any other woman, the mommy-to-be has lived a rich and colorful life full of interesting moments. You can take inspiration from her favorite things, cultural heritage, hobbies, or books she grew up with as a child. She may have dreamed of becoming a great artist when she was younger. You can pattern the baby shower after works by her favorite painter, or you can decorate your party venue to make it resemble an art exhibit. Your guest of honor may have an avid interest in baking, or a career as a professional pastry chef. You can throw a baby shower decorated entirely with cookies or cupcakes, complete with a show-stopping cake and a fully-stocked dessert table.