Homecare Companions

A homecare companion is someone who visits a disabled or elderly person in his or her home. Many of these homecare companions work for various health care companies but there are some who volunteer their time. There are many ways in which a homecare companion can help them with their daily activities.

• They can take their client on outings, doctor appointments, or grocery store

• Preparing meals and snacks

• Basic home maintenance

• Running errands

• Minor housekeeping skills

• Helping them with their bathing and other basic living skills

• Sharing meals with them

• Giving companionship such as reading to them, playing games, watching movies, taking with them, etc

• Assisting with feeding

One thing that a homecare companion does not do is provide medical care except for basic first aid. Most will have set hours that they will visit the client, which can vary, from an hour to several hours. It depends on what services they are providing to their client that particular day. With some senior care companions they will work an eight shift that may include working nights and weekends. This may be their shift or they may do it on a rotating basis. When working overnight the person may help them get ready for bed and get them dressed the next day. This type of homecare is often referred to as 24/7 live in home care.

The reason that many children hire elder homecare companions for their elderly parents is so their parents can remain in their home as long as possible instead of going into a nursing home. It also gives the children peace of mine knowing that their elderly parents are being taken care of safely, are eating right, and getting to their doctor visits when their children are not able to do so.

When hiring senior care companions for several hours a day or for 24/7 live in home care the agency sending out the homecare companion will do a pre-interview. This pre-interview will help the agency know what the elderly or disable needs are in regards to bathing, feeding, doctor visits, etc. Once they have that information they can plan a schedule for the homecare companion. It may be every day or just a few days a week. If the homecare companion will be living with the elderly or disabled person twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week a room and board amount will be taken from their paycheck.

Make sure that when you hire a home healthcare companion from a reputable company. Check their references.