Why you should consider using Handwrytten to send personalized cards

Our present world is continuing to progress and relies on digital technology that even personal relationships are now base on social media likes and interactions. Emoticons now represents feelings and a quick chat replaces actual conversations. This kind of digitalization has its own pros and cons.

We are quickly losing our personal connection with people who matters to us such as our friends, family and even business associates. Definitely, technological advancement is good in terms of communications and doing business but are we devaluing personal connections? Have it crossed your mind how products of technology such as the social media are actually making us somehow lost connections with the real people, with the real world?

With our ever changing fast phased lifestyle in this digitalized world, many people are longing for real connections. Nothing beats a thoughtful gesture of investing an effort to make correspondence personal. One practical idea is through a handwritten personalized cards that will reflect your character setting you apart from the rest of the pack.

When we say handwritten, we might think that “Oh, it’s time consuming.” Worry no more because Handwrytten got us covered with their new technology in sending our personalized handwritten notes and cards digitally but with a heart.

Why send personalized cards using Handwrytten?

Instant attention grabber. Handwritten personalized cards from Handwrytten are much effective in sending out a message than via email. Email inboxes are usually filtered and, on most times, left unread. Whereas, a handwritten note will instantly command attention which is a surefire way of getting your message across.

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Visually engaging. Sending handwritten personalized cards is not only visually appealing but it connotes a special touch of thoughtfulness. Not only it feels good to actually have a tangible note that shows appreciation, it also engages the sense of sight which will trigger a positive response. Handwrytten offers neatly designed handwritten card which will surely bring a smile on the receiver’s face.

Receiver feels valuable. Going an extra mile of choosing what type of personalized card you will send out plus adding a personal touch of a handwritten note, gives an instant uplifting feeling. Better choose a unique design that can inspire and matches the message you want to impart. Via Handwrytten, your handwritten personalized card will express how much you value a person.

Handwrytten is a product of our current technology, it is digital yet it is able to give a touching message to anyone who receives their products. Whether you are sending personalized handwritten cards for business or for personal purpose, Handwrytten is sure to have anything you need. With unique writing styles produced by their robotic handwriting machines, every product is truly amazing and will surely create a lasting impression and good relationship between the sender and the receiver. For a more convenient experience, you can automate your message bu using templates and other features they offer. It you want to make the design more personal, you may choose to design your card or note online, where you can make your perfect stationery in just a few minutes.

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